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The source
for great pasta

We're a little rough around the edges...

+ we like it that way.

And we like it that way.

We take texture seriously.

Because texture is what stands between you + flavor.

We choose flavor. Always.

Flour + Water Foods
Flour + Water Foods

See the difference

the difference

True organic semolina grain creates a beautiful restaurant-quality golden hue at home.

Flour + Water Foods
Flour + Water Foods

Feel the difference

the difference

Texture is the secret to creating a delicious dish. The deep, rough ridges of our pasta grab hold of sauce and all of the flavor that comes with it.

Flour + Water Foods
Flour + Water Foods

Taste the difference

the difference

We craft our pasta with artisanal bronze dies instead of low-cost Teflon dies. The result? The perfect bite, every time.

Flour + Water Foods
Flour + Water Foods
Flour + Water Foods
Restore Colorado Healthy Soil For All
Vegan Friendly
100% Organic
Regenerative Farming


We made the Macaroni last night for dinner. Everyone was amazed by the taste and texture.

- Cara S.

I was excited to try something from my favorite restaurant in San Francisco at home, and just like Flour+Water, it did not disappoint!

- Daniel N.

Silky, chewy, and clean flavor. Beautiful shapes!

- Trin Q.
Flour + Water Foods
Flour + Water Foods

100% organically grown + milled.

Supporting climate-friendly regenerative farming practices across North America.

1% of all our proceeds donated to Zero Foodprint.

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